An Assessment and Comparison of the Levels of Marketing Effectiveness in the UK Aerospace Industry

The UK has traditionally led the world in aerospace, but recent changes in the internationalisation of business, along with other environmental factors, has led to a fall in world market share and fears of a further fall in the world rankings, and the industry's contribution to the nation's wealth. A survey of literature has revealed that although there are claims Marketing is a philosophy that should be applied for business to be successful, there are increasingly rival claims that Marketing's contribution to business is severely in question. If Marketing is also about an organisation's future, it is important to be able to measure how effective organisations are in applying the currently accepted best practice in Marketing i.e. their level of Marketing Effectiveness.

This paper addresses a sector specific measurement of Marketing Effectiveness in the UK Aerospace Industry through the use of an adapted and uprated measuring instrument enabling a better measure of the construct. The primary research findings taken from 122 companies shows that Marketing Effectiveness comprises of four important factors - Customer Philosophy, Strategic Perspective, Information Processing Capability and Organisational Marketing Proficiency - and compares companies with better and poorer levels of Marketing Effectiveness.

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